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Yes, There Is A Proven Solution To The Cyclical Chaos Of PMS & PMDD

This award-winning site proudly celebrates its 19th year of providing trusted, comprehensive, independent research and information on PMS and PMDD

Explore the labyrinth of PMS and PMDD, and learn how to regain your physical and emotional health. The range of free support services include the original PMS Diagnostic Test ©, The PMS Project Questionnaires, Online and Interactive Q&A Sessions, Personalized Evaluations, Health Resources, Research Data, introductions to the award-winning book, Transition... the passage into wellness ©,  The PMDD Handbook © and a synopsis of the innovative PMS Program. 

Understanding PMS ©1996 - 2015 Deborah Robbins. The PMS Project, Transition... the passage into wellness, The PMDD Handbook, The PMS Program, and Understanding PMS are protected by intellectual property copyright ©.  All Rights Reserved. International Copyright.  Reproduction Prohibited Without Written Permission.

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Solving the Mystery of PMS & PMDD

"When someone hands you the tools to build a better life, grasp them with enthusiasm."   Deborah Robbins  (1996)


You've come this far. Welcome. Steep a pot of tea. Relax. Read. Help, hope and a proven natural solution begins here.

The journey to defeat PMS and PMDD—and restore health and harmony—begins with a single step. A wealth of information to guide you on the path to wellness follows. To get the most out of this site please read the introductions, Red Moon Rising and The Birth Of The PMS Program, followed by each linked section. If time is an issue, PMS & PMDD: Demystified is essential reading. (Be sure to make time to return soon and continue your learning experience.) This website remains the definitive resource for PMS and PMDD treatment, education and research.

Women seeking immediate, personalized guidance may choose to book a private consultation, in office, by telephone or Skype™, providing a timely solution for your specific symptoms. Ongoing support ensures your success. This service is available to women world-wide. For additional information email dlrobbins@telus.net

Yes, the antiquated look of this humble website lacks glitz and glamour. It also lacks distracting advertisements and annoying pop-ups. These factors are not an oversight. The author created this site on a shoestring budget entirely in html code during the infancy of the internet. (Regular updates continue by this process.)  The author's intent remains to provide an authentic source of unbiased research, support and guidance for women in need. Like an old wood mousetrap its purpose has not diminished in 19 years.



Take The Challenge. Change Your Life.©

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Red Moon Rising

"While I am grateful for the awards and accolades, the true measure of accomplishment is the success of this program and the positive impact on the lives of women world-wide." 
Deborah Robbins — author, researcher, founder of The PMS Project © and The PMS Program ©

Each month millions of women experience a cyclical turmoil of emotional and physical symptoms that wreaks havoc on their personal and professional relationships, health and well-being. PMS and PMDD—coyly referred to as Part-time Mental Syndrome, Aunt Flow and her Crazy Cousin, The Danger Zone or Off Kilter. Humour is therapeutic, although cryptic euphemisms do not diminish the complexity of PMS and PMDD. They are chronic medical conditions-and severe cases can be extremely debilitating. Regardless of the severity of your symptoms, acclaimed writer and researcher, Deborah Robbins, is bringing balance back.

Have you every wondered why you needlessly, viciously lash out at loved ones, friends or co-workers? Do you perceive minor problems as monumental events? Do you shut out the world and dwell on past hurts? Do your jeans mysteriously shrink two sizes once a month? The mystery surrounding these timeless questions were solved through this research. The research didn't end there. A real solution was developed, tested, and proven. The PMS Program © can eliminate the cyclical chaos of PMS and PMDD. Take the challenge. Change your life.

The Understanding PMS website represents one component of The PMS Project ®. This body of work is the largest research study ever conducted into PMS and PMDD research, treatment and education. 2015 marks the 19th anniversary of this research. The PMS Project was conceived years before Google, spam and texting were common terms. It began long before tablets and smart phones were invented. This research began in the cavernous medical library of the University of Alberta, with countless hours spent pouring over hundreds of medical journals and textbooks. The first questionnaires were typed and sent by postal mail. Queries were handled by phone, fax or postal mail. Research participants were sought through newspaper ads. As availability to the internet expanded into homes, this website was there, allowing the author to eventually reach a worldwide audience. That was an exciting time. Today the formal research is in the tabulation stage. Women with PMS or PMDD are invited to participate by completing The PMS Diagnostic Test (click on the above link), or click on PMS Questionnaires for additional information.

The culmination of this undertaking is Robbins groundbreaking book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life © , with completion in late 2015 and international publication to follow. Based on 18 years of consecutive, comprehensive research, poignant personal interviews and a proven program, this book will be the definitive resource for diagnosing and treating the specific symptoms of PMS and PMDD. Through an innovative program based on naturopathic principles, the author empowers women to take control and conquer PMS or PMDD using a proven, proactive, preventive approach.

This website has marked numerous milestones since 1996: It was the first source to offer independent, unbiased research on PMS and PMDD; the only website to provide free resources including online Q&A forums, a comprehensive series of research questionnaires, personal analysis and feedback, and The PMS Diagnostic Test ®. This site has gratefully earned awards, ratings and respect, rising above the legion of imitators—and has done so without buying its way to the top or selling out to paid endorsements and advertising space. Unbiased research and results have remained the focus. Honesty and integrity are the backbone. The author has never backed away from controversy over prescription drugs and ineffective remedies or products. You are in good hands.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) are complex medical conditions affecting millions of women. The PMS Project has documented more than 150 symptoms of PMS and PMDD, ranging in severity from body aches and fluid retention to migraine headaches and fatigue; from irritability and mood swings to suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions. Many of the case studies and interviews provide rare insight into the lives of women tormented by a condition the medical profession routinely dismisses, disbelieves, or simply chooses to medicate rather than educate. 

This research suggests 80% of women of reproductive age experience symptoms of PMS. For the fortunate few the symptoms are relatively mild. However many women experience severe symptoms which are disconcerting, even tyrannical. The most preclusive group remains women who experience a devastating and debilitating set of symptoms known as PMDD. While the numbers are staggering, the medical profession continues to dismiss PMS and PMDD, and remain at odds when it comes to definition, cause, diagnosis, and treatment. Today many doctors fail to acknowledge the existence of PMS; those that do often lack the knowledge and experience to effectively treat this female anomaly. PMDD remains a foreign acronym. Interested medical professionals simply had no resources available to help their patients.

PMS and PMDD are seldom diagnosed accurately or treated successfully. It is common for a woman's concerns and intuitive feedback to be dismissed by her doctor, leading to feelings of self-doubt, frustration and hopelessness. This research reports an alarming number of women who are misdiagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder or ADHD. Unfortunately prescription drugs are the routine, albeit ineffective, course of treatment. To learn more about the lucrative business of pharmaceutical drugs, please read the corresponding section found on the PMS & PMDD: Demystified section of this website. (Links to all sections are found at the top and bottom of this page.)

Building an open, comfortable line of communication with your conventional doctor or natural health practitioner is essential. Feel free to discuss this research and website with your doctor; it is an excellent starting point. Print relevant sections. Make notes. Go to your appointment prepared. If your doctor lacks knowledge or experience in treating PMS or PMDD find another doctor. You wouldn't hire a mechanic to fix a leaky roof. Experience and knowledge are key factors, and many doctors willingly admit their lack of experience in this area. This research has been instrumental in educating medical professionals through this website, with free copies of the author's published works, and professional consultations.

As for the proliferation of merchants preying on vulnerable women by selling useless PMS products and miracle cures-many of which are blatantly absurd-save your money. There is no instant fix for PMS and PMDD. If it were that simple, this research would not have mushroomed into an international phenomenon, and PMS and PMDD would not exist. 

This research has independently tested dozens of so-called cures. In addition, loyal readers have shared their experiences with everything from websites with ridiculous claims selling useless products, to potentially dangerous drugs and invasive medical procedures. The author has tested and researched product content and purity of many seemingly legitimate online herbal companies. The majority do not live up to their claims. The majority are  ineffective and inherently harmful and in many cases, dangerous. (Always buy supplements directly from a trusted naturopath, pharmacist or herbal retailer.) It may be a well worn cliché, but buyer beware is significant in this case. There are countless scams which do not warrant your time, effort, expense, health and safety.

Deborah Robbins is the driving force behind this research, aimed at educating the medical profession and providing real relief for women suffering from PMS and PMDD. If you are interested in exploring the labyrinth of PMS and PMDD, and seek a proven solution based on natural health and healing practices, please read on. The Understanding PMS website is divided into specific sections; the information you need is just a click away. Please make time to read through each section.


The Birth Of The PMS Program 

"The path to health and harmony is paved with awareness and action."  Deborah Robbins (2001)

Deborah Robbins is an internationally respected writer and researcher on PMS and PMDD. This year marks the 19th year she has served as the founding director of The PMS Project. Robbins is the author of the award-winning series, Transition... the passage into wellness ® and The PMDD Handbook ©, which remain the first and only publications devoted exclusively to providing education, treatment, support and a proven solution to PMS and PMDD. These publications were available in doctor's offices, clinics, book shops and libraries world-wide resulting in an affordable, universally available, comprehensive body of work dedicated to women's health. The culmination of this body of work is Robbins groundbreaking book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life © with completion in 2015 and international publication to follow. Based on 18 years of research this book provides the definitive solution to controlling your specific symptoms of PMS and PMDD. Through an innovative program based on naturopathic principles, the author empowers women to take control and conquer PMS and PMDD using a proactive, preventive approach.

Deborah's approach is sui generis; her research is conducted unencumbered by the constrained beliefs of conventional medicine and offers of funding and grants from biased pharmaceutical companies and questionable product manufacturers. Purpose, perspective and principles remain intact. She has won numerous awards during her 29 year career as a writer and researcher. Deborah Robbins is referred to as 'the Jane Goodall of PMS research, education and treatment'— a moniker she humbly embraces.

Since its inception in 1996, This website and the Transition... the passage into wellness series have provided comprehensive research, support and guidance enabling women to understand and control their specific symptoms of PMS or PMDD.  Until the publication of Robbins' forthcoming book, these resources remain the voice of The PMS Program and the most trustworthy source for reliable research based information.

The PMS Program ® evolved through two years of initial program development, interviews and scientific inquiry followed by 16 years of continuous research, interviews, updates and timely program enhancements. Responses from participants around the world validates the program and provides conclusive results. This ground-breaking, proven program embraces the principles of  natural medicine, health-wise lifestyle choices, and specific nutritional considerations. This approach enables women with PMS and PMDD to treat the cause instead of merely masking the symptoms. Consider The PMS Program a prescription for change.

The PMS Program is a unified five-step program of lifestyle, nutritional and naturopathic practices proven to control, prevent and eliminate the emotional and physical symptoms of PMS and PMDD. By addressing individual symptoms in a proactive manner The PMS Program represents a course of treatment that will forever change the way conventional medicine views PMS and PMDD. Robbins was steadfast in her focus on the power of food. In 1995 The PMS Nutrition Plan was in the initial stage of research and development. There were likely sceptics who doubted that specific dietary choices could combat PMS and PMDD. Fast forward to 2011 when respected food industry critic, journalist and author, Michael Pollen, revealed evidence that 75% of medical conditions are a direct result of what we eat. Pollen's powerful revelation came 16 years after Robbins based one component of The PMS Program on specific nutritional practices.

This research did not stop at scientific inquiry and resolution. The author nurtured this project to the highest level—encompassing whole healing of the mind, body and spirit. Participants unanimously report they have discovered a new awareness, appreciation and understanding of their physical and emotional self through The PMS Program featured in the publication series, Transition... the passage into wellness and The PMDD Handbook ©. In may cases underlying conditions improved, energy increased, and many women gleefully reported weight loss. (Statistics and participant feedback is found on the Transition section of this website.)

Women, men, doctors and health practitioners from conventional to naturopathic medicine began to take notice. They now applaud this body of work for its insight, compassion, honesty and revealing research. Deborah is truly grateful for this recognition—as a woman, a researcher, and a writer.

Robbins knows the complexities of PMS and PMDD intimately; she suffered from PMDD (the most severe form of PMS) from puberty. Over the years she was repeatedly shuffled from doctor to pharmacist, falling through the medical system caverns many times along the way. In 1995, her overwhelming need to take control became the catalyst for The PMS Project™.

"PMDD was a debilitating demon in my life from puberty," she admits. "Although my symptoms drastically exceeded what was known about PMS, it would be years before I identified this cruel and complex condition as PMDD." That was 18 years and a lifetime ago. The most rewarding aspect of this journey is the affirming results of The PMS Program experienced by women world-wide. Today, thousands of women incorporate this program as a lifestyle choice and reap the benefits through the book series Transition... the passage into wellness. Data from the third quarter of 2007 confirmed over three million viewers gained insight, help and hope from this website. The numbers increase substantially with each passing year. Thousands of women and health professionals refer to their well worn copies of the book series, Transition... the passage into wellness, as a survival guide. As Hippocrates said, "Healing is a matter of time. It is also a matter of opportunity".

PMDD was not identified until 1994 when it appeared in an obscure psychiatric diagnostic paper. Robbins introduced PMDD to Transition readers in a revealing three part series in 1999. Articles in volumes III through V paint a clear picture of PMDD. The groundbreaking PMDD Handbook, Testing and Evaluation Guide was published in January of 2000. (Click on Transition for information on these publications and the forthcoming book.)

Today many women hear about PMDD through the mass marketing of a particular SSRI drug, which is simply a new variation of an old antidepressant drug. These advertisements present an unrealistic picture of both the condition and the cure. For further information, read the section 'PMS & PMDD: Demystified'.

The PMS Program is proven through 12 initial years of consecutive research and an additional six years of participant follow-up, research and program updates. In 1997 this program was successfully tested through a controlled four-month study of women with severe PMS. From 1997 through 2001, ongoing surveys, questionnaires, interviews and updates monitored the progress of hundreds of new participants following the program through the Transition... the passage into wellness series and The PMDD Handbook. Since its inception, women around the world have found significant relief from PMS and PMDD through this natural program. (Results are posted on the Transition link.)

"When I began this research, my primary purpose was to identify the cause; my ultimate goal was to find a solution. Within months of developing and following The PMS Program, all my symptoms were controlled and most were eliminated. More importantly, this program has proven successful for thousands of loyal followers, and the numbers are constantly increasing. The PMS Program is a lifestyle choice. If I can beat severe PMDD, you can succeed in defeating PMS or PMDD. I've spent years researching, developing, tweaking and testing this program; you simply need to embrace it. When someone hands you the tools to build a better life, grasp them with enthusiasm."

While your questions and comments are always welcome, please read the complete Understanding PMS website first. (Links to each section are located at the top and bottom of this page and each section.) You will find the answers to the most common questions. Timely information and an open forum is found on the facebook  page. (Links follow.)

If you are ready and willing to learn how to take control and defeat PMS and PMDD, the publication series, Transition... the passage into wellness and The PMDD Handbook provides unprecedented information, research, motivation, guidance and support. Robbins crowning achievement, her book Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life ©, will be competed in 2015 with international publication to follow. Until then, let this website and the Facebook page be your guide. Private consultations are available by phone, online conference, or in person to women seeking individual counselling. 

NEWS BRIEF: Are you seeking real help now? Consultations are available in office or by telephone to address your specific symptoms, questions, and concerns while providing personalized recommendations to embark on The PMS Program. Regardless of where you live, proven, compassionate help and hope is readily available. Following your consultation ongoing email and phone support monitors your progress and provides proactive recommendations and motivation. Email dlrobbins@telus.net for additional information.

Your Rx for fighting PMS and PMDD is as simple as visiting the author's facebook page. Understanding PMS & PMDD on facebook provides regular posts: PMS -- Prevention Made Simple. Think of it as encouragement and guidance for busy women on the go.

Complete The PMS Test and receive a personal, confidential reply from Deborah Robbins addressing your specific question, concern or symptom. This represents one of many free services provided by The PMS Project for the past 18 years.

Some services are not available while Ms. Robbins is writing her forthcoming book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life™. Completion set for 2015; international publication to follow. Media members and medical professionals may continue to contact her at 1-250-703-2953. (Complete contact information follows.) Updates and information on the final stage of this research is found on The PMS Questionnaires link.

"Your participation and loyalty is gratefully acknowledged. I am confident the book spawned from this body of work will—with candour and compassion—shed welcome light on the complexity and confusion surrounding PMS and PMDD, and provide a proven solution to the millions of women who suffer needlessly."

Take Care. Take Control. ®

Deborah Robbins


Deborah Robbins
Executive Director of The PMS Project
Author of Transition... the passage into wellness and The PMDD Handbook
Founder of Understanding PMS

Facebook: Understanding PMS & PMDD www.facebook.com/PMS.Help
Web Site: www.conquerpms.com and www.understandingpms.com
Email: dlrobbins@telus.net
(250) 703-2953

Proudly Canadian

MAY 2015 UPDATE: Deborah Robbins is currently compiling the research, data, intimate interviews, and final version of The PMS Program for her groundbreaking book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life™, which promises to be the definitive guide to PMS and PMDD. Completion scheduled for 2015; international publication to follow. In the meantime, this website continues to provide the help, hope and the support necessary to enable you to get with the program.

Continue your learning experience with this self-guided tour. Please complete The PMS Diagnostic Test™ for inclusion in this research. You may request a personal response to a specific question or concern. Additional information on the final stage of this research is found on The PMS Questionnaires link.

The Preferred Choice Of Women World-Wide: Can't wait for the book to hit the shelves? Private consultations are available in office or by telephone to address your personal symptoms, questions and concerns. Ongoing email support monitors your progress. Email dlrobbins@telus.net for additional information. This innovative approach to counselling, education and healing is proven effective in helping the most severe cases of PMS and PMDD—and you don't need to leave home to get real help now. 

Complete The PMS Test and receive a personal, confidential reply from Deborah Robbins addressing your specific question, concern or symptom. This represents one of many free services provided by The PMS Project since 1996.

Check your local library for the complete Transition... the passage into wellness series as well as The PMDD Handbook. (Click on Media Information for ISBN codes to source these publications.)

NOTE: The information provided here is based on comprehensive research specific to PMS and PMDD. Women suffering from an unrelated medical condition or disease should consult with their doctor before embarking on the recommendations related to herbals. I am a strong advocate for the specific use of herbals however I reiterate that herbals are serious medicine and should be treated as such. Simply refer your doctor to this website or email me if you have a concern regarding a specific recommendation from The PMS Program

Media Members: Please click on Updates and Media Information to review Robbins writing credits, awards, media appearances and bio.  (Links located at top and bottom of this page). To contact Deborah Robbins email dlrobbins@telus.net  or call 1-250-703-2953. The author resides in British Columbia, BC, Canada.


The Butterfly. So many of you asked that it seemed prudent to address it here rather than repeat it in dozens of emails. Please bear with me. This requires a little background information for clarity. For over a decade I worked as the project manager for an advertising agency specializing in corporate advertising and marketing materials. Long before 'Branding' was a marketing buzzword, I created the phrase 'Identity Package' to encompass a unified, cohesive marketing identity for new corporate start ups and the reinvention of tired but highly viable companies. I sold clients on the concept of having an identifiable, recognizable logo (or symbol) on all aspects of their advertising. I am proud of the success of the concept. Unfortunately Identity Package is not at all sexy or masculine like the term Branding. However I assure you the results are the same when it is done well.

It only made sense that I would create an Identity Package for this body of work. I chose the butterfly based on its symbolic, relevant and ethereal meaning. (You will understand in the following paragraphs.) In the years that followed many companies began featuring animals in their advertising and branding. I must admit I was more than a little miffed when many of the big players began using a butterfly in their branding. It simply wasn't relatable to the product or companies. I was even more disturbed to learn that an ad agency was paid upwards of $1 million to come up with the butterfly logo for one specific company ten years after I had incorporated the butterfly in the branding of every aspect of this body of work. I digress. Although I certainly wish I could say I coined the term Branding. But I did conceive the concept years before the competition. And for that I am proud.

The butterfly logo seen throughout the Understanding PMS website, on the Transition... the passage into wellness masthead, and the covers of the complete series of publications, has generated a surprising degree of interest and feedback. In 1996 I designed the butterfly logo to symbolize this research project. It represents a positive, empowering affirmation: Get in touch with your mind, body and spirit. Don't let PMS and PMDD control your life. Free yourself. Take Flight.© I have also incorporated the butterfly in numerous original quotations and articles I have written throughout this research.

When I began the formal leg of this research I wanted a definitive symbol. The butterfly was a natural choice. Butterflies have depicted femininity since the stone age. The butterfly represents the Monoan goddess of life and fertility. In Aztec culture, the butterfly was the symbol associated with the goddess of rites, women and flowers. In my body of work, the butterfly symbolizes the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit that The PMS Program strives to awaken in each of you.

I am delighted you took notice-particularly on an admittedly antiquated website, designed during the infancy of the internet, entirely in html code, when artwork was scarce. This website began with the sincere purpose of providing solid information based on research and the participation and personal experiences of thousands of women world-wide. The concept works.

I continue to avoid the gimmickry of today's websites. I have also spared you the frustration of flashing advertisements and pop-ups. These marketing strategies generate significant revenues for the site owner. I am often told that my decision to choose integrity over monetary gain is foolhardy-yet rare and authentic in today's society. I suppose that is a compliment. All I can say is this body of work represents who I am as a woman, a researcher, and a writer.  

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I should be gob smacked that my butterfly concept has since been incorporated in the branding of countless products and companies. I am proud to have been the first to envision and appreciate the sublime power of the delicate butterfly, and to explain the concept to my readers. I thank you, and I am most grateful for your interest and acknowledgment. 

Deborah Robbins


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The ABC's of Q&A: Share Your Story. Vent. This is Your Forum!

READ ME: The ABC's of Q&A is a brief synopsis of the resources offered through this research. Viewers are encouraged to read all the linked sections of the Understanding PMS website. You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions—and questions you were afraid to ask. A hard copy of this website fills a 1.5 inch binder, making this website an extensive, invaluable resource. Be sure to read PMS & PMDD: Demystified and the Transition sections. Over the years Online Q&A has evolved into a forum for sharing personal experiences, symptoms and feedback on coping with PMS or PMDD. Responses are anonymously included in this important research. Women seeking a confidential reply to a specific question may do so by completing The PMS Test and entering your question in the feedback area.

Every woman is unique, requiring an individualized approach in treatment. Please consider that outlining the solution to relatively common physical symptoms still requires significant time, but I have done so (literally) thousands of times. Unfortunately offering the solution to a myriad of complex emotional symptoms cannot be resolved within the confines of an email. Websites that claim otherwise operate outside the boundaries of honesty. Women seeking immediate comprehensive help choose the Personal Consultation service. Click on the link above or email dlrobbins@telus.net to request additional information. 

FACEBOOK: Your daily Rx for fighting PMS and PMDD is as simple as visiting the author's facebook page. A Facebook link is located at the bottom of this page and throughout the website or simply click on www.facebook.com/PMS.Help  Understanding PMS & PMDD on facebook offers a regular feature: PMS -- Prevention Made Simple. Visit the page and please click the 'Like' button at the top of the page. You can send a private request for an answer to your questions and post your comments. Visit the page whenever you need a dose of motivation and guidance. Post your comments and start a conversation with women world-wide. Help your friends or family struggling with PMS or PMDD—or struggling to understand you during the cyclical chaos. Ask them to visit the facebook page and refer them to this website. There is strength and comfort in knowing you are not alone.

PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS: Get the answers you need now. Consultations to address your specific symptoms and concerns are available in office or by telephone. Following your in-depth consultation, ongoing email support monitors your progress. Email dlrobbins@telus.net for additional information.

THE PMS DIAGNOSTIC TEST:  Please click on The PMS Diagnostic Test link. Complete the test, and enter your specific question or comments in the space provided. The author will address your question regarding a specific symptom and respond by email. This remains one of the most popular free services of this research over the past 19 years. NOTE: Due to time limitations, the in-depth evaluation service is now included in the Personal Consultation service.

LIVE SESSIONS: The author regularly conducts scheduled interactive online sessions. This is your opportunity to interact in a group environment or individually with the author. Dates and times featured here.

UPDATE: While the author is combing through eight overflowing file drawers of research and interviews for her book, the schedule for the interactive online sessions and other services is under review. Please continue your learning experience by reading all the linked sections of this website. Allow yourself at least two uninterrupted hours. It is time well spent.

Check your local library for the complete Transition... the passage into wellness series, as well as The PMDD Handbook. The ISBN code used by libraries (and bookstores) are found on the order form and on the Transition page. These publications spanned two sold out print runs. At this time the author is focusing on her book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life ©, which is the culmination of this 19 year research project.

Additional information on the final stage of this research is found on The PMS Questionnaires link. Look for the book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life © by Deborah Robbins in bookstores everywhere in 2016.

The publication The Best of Transition.. the passage into wellness by Deborah Robbins, is the honoured recipient of the prestigious 2001 Summit Award ® in recognition of creative excellence in writing and publishing. More than 3,000 entries from ten countries were judged against a stringent set of standards. The author is grateful for the acknowledgement. This book became a national bestseller and laid the foundation for her upcoming definitive book, Conquer PMS and Get On With Your Life ©, scheduled for completion in late 2015 with international publication to follow. Deborah will follow-up with a companion cookbook spawned by the enthusiastic response to the original recipes from The PMS Nutrition Plan™. This duo provides everything you ever wanted to know about defeating PMS or PMDD and regaining your emotional and physical health and wellness.  

Transition... the passage into wellness received the Starting Point ® Hot Site Award in November 1999.

Make The Decision To Take Control. Challenge Yourself. ©



        Wishing You Health and Harmony Throughout Your Quest

With a unique blend of professional and personal experience, research and education, author Deborah Robbins empowers women with an innovative, proven program to control the symptoms of PMS and PMDD. The PMS Program shows you how to defeat PMS or PMDD and lead a healthy, harmonious life all month long.

Transition... the passage into wellness is a comprehensive award-winning series designed to enlighten, educate, and promote personal growth and wellbeing. Written during the first seven years of this research, and featuring the ground-breaking PMS Program and The PMS Nutrition Plan, these publications are essential reading for women, doctors, and health care professionals seeking a real solution to PMS and PMDD.

Transition... the passage into wellness is a registered international publication series spanning five volumes. To confirm whether your library or local bookstore carries this series, click on the Updates & Media button to source the ISBN or simply click on the Transition button below to purchase online and have the series delivered to your door.

The PMDD Handbook is the first and only resource of its kind, combining a comprehensive self-directed testing and evaluation process with concise information on PMDD. The concept is revolutionary. Readers are encouraged to return the completed guide for analysis and feedback from the author. This publication is regarded as the definitive resource for PMDD and is currently used by physicians, naturopaths, health care workers, and women throughout the world. When combined with The Best of Transition Volumes II, III & IV you have the necessary resources to understand and treat PMS and PMDD.

For additional information on any of these award-winning publications, click on the Transition button. To order online with VISA click on the order button.

Deborah Robbins has gathered her entire body of research on PMS and PMDD for her forthcoming book, Conquer PMS And Get On With Your Life ©. Completion is scheduled for 2015 with international publication to follow.


Since 1996 the Understanding PMS website and The PMS Project have operated with an unfaltering degree of integrity. The mission statement is simple: Provide help, hope, education, encouragement and support for every woman who needlessly suffers the cyclical chaos of PMS and PMDD.

This body of work is a self-funded, independent research project and is not associated with, nor does it endorse any product, service, or company. The author is approached daily by individuals and companies seeking a product endorsement or a link to the Understanding PMS website. All requests are respectfully declined to protect the integrity of this groundbreaking research. This website has never accepted revenue for advertisements, pop-ups, data mining or sponsors. Understanding PMS thrives through the dedication, determination (and personal monetary expense) of the author, Deborah Robbins.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: This web site does not subscribe to advertisements, pop-ups, information exchange, cookies, banners, data mining or mailing lists. No information is supplied to outside sources. All communication is held in strict confidence. Correspondence, interviews, and questionnaires are the exclusive property of the writer, Deborah Robbins, and shall be compiled and presented anonymously at the writer's discretion in this research and body of work including published work and media appearances.

Deborah Robbins

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